Boss Leads Now Offers Data Services

Boss Leads Now Offers Data Services

[Boulder, CO, March 26, 2024] – Boss Leads, a premium performance marketing data company, proudly announces the launch of customized data services, which focuses on monitoring and targeting customer online intent. Our precision data services process improves conversion rates by accessing web forms, clicks, and behavioral data to analyze intent. Services are available to clients on Our platform includes capabilities ranging from data validation, identity resolution, data hygiene and enhancement and lead scoring, which are delivered in an effortless way that empowers businesses to harness the power of complete and accurate consumer data.

Boss Leads’ data services platform provides complete real-time, automated services, to help businesses realize full revenue potential from each customer by:

  • NEmpowering recognition and comprehension of consumers who interact with them through inbound phone calls, form fill submissions, or website visits but disengage before completing transactions.
  • NUnderstanding signals when customers exhibit in-market behavior, indicating the presence of potential attrition risk or opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.
  • NEnhancing communication proficiency with customers and prospects through consistent maintenance of up-to-date and precise contact data, while also completing missing customer information across demographic, financial, behavioral, and lifestyle aspects.

Tom Cutshall, CMO states, “I am thrilled to unveil our latest offering: customized data services that revolutionize how businesses understand and engage with their target audience. By honing in on customer intent through behavioral data analysis, we empower businesses to make informed decisions that drive conversions and fuel growth. With this innovative solution, Boss Leads continues to lead the way in delivering high-impact data services that elevate our clients’ success in today’s dynamic market.”

Key Features:

Boss Leads enhances behavioral data by analyzing search data, form fills, clicks, and visits to see not only who is searching but also who is converting. This customized fit paired with intent is tailored to what works for your business, bringing a level of trust and insight unheard of in the data service space.

Boss Leads’ platform includes a suite of cleaning, validation, or match and append capabilities including appending, enhancement, validation, and look-a-like audience services. Data services targets offered for segmentation and export include:

  • NReal Estate Property
  • NDemographic Attributes
  • NHousehold Composition
  • NFinancial Wealth Rating
  • NOccupation Type
  • NPersonal Interests
  • NBehavioral Search Categories
  • NTransactional History
  • NDonor Behavior
  • NAutomotive Vehicle
  • NPolitical Affiliation
  • NReading Interest
  • NConsumer Interests Index
  • NLifestyle Segmentation
  • NGeographic Data

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About Boss Leads:

Boss Leads specializes in providing businesses with a competitive edge through comprehensive lead generation strategies that encompass data-driven insights, targeted marketing campaigns, and personalized customer engagement. By harnessing the power of behavioral data with enhanced insights, Boss Leads ensures precise targeting, maximizing conversion rates and ROI for clients across various industries.

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