How Boss Leads Created More than 100% Engagement to Action

Talk about the power of community! Boss Leads’ trailblazing efforts in marketing “good” recently saw more than 100% engagement to action in Guatemala. This venture, Empleos Digitales, serves as a solution to build and reward communities for their impact.

So, we sat down with the founders of Empleos Digitales to let you in on lessons learned, to better serve you.

Boss Leads:

What were the steps you took to launch the offer?

Empleos Digitales:

First, we created a community by hitting the streets and creating a buzz on social media surrounding digital tasks and jobs. We also created CPA offers to engage with the brand.


Then, we created a highly-engaged, tuned in community. Every time we put an offer out, they would jump, and they would tell their friends all about it.


We ended up with a community of thousands of people. With each offer, we only invited 100, but we ended up, on average, with 130% engagement. When you create an irresistible offer, word gets around.

“With each offer, we only invited 100, but we ended up, on average, with 130% engagement. When you create an irresistible offer, word gets around.”

Boss Leads:

What market metrics have you measured to generate high-performance, direct marketing results

Empleos Digitales:

We used offer engagement, click through rates, and daily user recurrence.

Boss Leads:

Do you see any differences marketing in a different language?

Empleos Digitales:

Yes, in Spanish messaging has to be bigger and bolder. The use of gesturing is also a more common cultural practice.

Boss Leads:

What offers do you think will make the most impact to society?

Empleos Digitales:

Offers that lead to gig economies. You know, gig economies where you find people who are willing to work in tasks outside of the typical 9-5 hours. These people are ready and willing to provide for their families and create a better way of life. And that is what why we want to provide this opportunity.


The more opportunities you have to get offers in front of people who need it, more people will have access to create a secondary income for them and their families.

Boss Leads:

What marketing tech or chat services have you measured that increase efficiency and consistency?

Empleos Digitales:

WhatsApp does very well in Latin America, but is less common in US.


Telegram and Discord work well for community building. You can put a lot of people in the same channel and also control the conversation.


Private ones would be better like building your own app—something we are looking into. This would offer a solution to some of the chat problems you run into.

Boss Leads:

Has having access to better data helped you grow your marketing efforts?

Empleos Digitales:

Tremendously. Without data you cannot get the offer in front of the right person. Otherwise you are spraying and praying. With data, especially the right data, you know they’re in the right segment to be shown your offer.

Boss Leads:

What challenges are you seeing in the market and how do you think we should overcome them?

Empleos Digitales:

The market for our service is too new. It’s hard to adopt a new user to a new community. Even though we have the data, the tools that we need are very expensive. Working with a cost per acquisition offer, we really have to watch our expenses.

Lessons Learned:

So what lessons can we glean from Empleos Digitales’ successes and challenges?
Let’s break it down.

Launch an irresistible offer

Amazing things happen when you listen to the consumer. Create and launch irresistible offers that speak to your target audience. Start by knowing your audience. Understand their needs and wants. Then craft a proposition that communicates the benefits of your offer.

Address the problem with your solution. 

Then create a sense of urgency. Use limited time promotions and exclusive bonuses. Use engaging language, compelling headlines, and captivating visuals. Leverage multiple channels to reach your audience including social media, email marketing, and targeted ads. With a seamless, user-friendly experience, your offer has a broader, more appealing reach.

Know your metrics

Several key metrics can help measure effectiveness. The best ones depend on your goals. Like any analysis, look at current information that is in front of you, but also factor in for unknowns. Analysis must gauge the impact of factors now and in the future.

Remember, the best metrics to use will vary depending on your industry, specific goals, and objectives. Always define key performance indicators in alignment with your business objectives.

Face challenges head on

Stephen Hawking said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” When facing a changing market, it’s important to face challenges head on. Be strategic and adaptable.

Identify the challenge. Understand the problem is essential to finding effective solutions.

Gather data and insights about your target market, competitors, industry trends, and customer behaviors. Develop a strategy that addresses the identified challenges. Set clear objectives, define target audiences, craft key messages, and select appropriate marketing channels and tactics.

Adapt and innovate to stay ahead of changing trends. Explore new marketing tech and platforms to create a broader reach.

Align strategy with societal need

Understanding the values, concerns, and desires of your target audience is key to aligning your marketing strategy with need. Conducting market research will give deep insight into target audience’s behavior, pain points, and values.

Defining your brand purpose will clearly articulate your brand’s mission, vision, and values. Identify how your products can positively impact society.

Build partnerships with nonprofits, community groups, or social enterprises that align with your brand’s values. Look for opportunities to work together.

Walk the talk. Integrate social responsibility into your business practices. Engage in ethical and sustainable practices, and support causes aligned with your brand.

Authenticity is key when aligning strategy with need. When you genuinely care about making an impact, you can build a stronger brand reputation to forge deeper connections with your audience.

Use tech to your advantage

Leverage technology to reach and engage with your target audience more effectively.

Implement automation platforms to streamline and automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and lead nurturing.

Utilize CRM systems and data-driven targeting techniques to personalize your marketing messages and campaigns. Tailoring content and offers to individual preferences can enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Prioritize data security and privacy. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and invest in secure technologies to protect customer data and maintain trust.

Use the right data

By using the right data, you can gain actionable insights, understand your audience better, make informed decisions, and get your offer in front of the people who need it most.

Wrapping it up

Engaging your audience is an ongoing process. Regularly evaluate and analyze your marketing efforts, monitor audience interactions and feedback, and make adjustments accordingly.

By focusing on building relationships and community, delivering value, and creating meaningful experiences, you can foster long-term engagement and loyalty from your audience.

Boss Leads trailblazes community building in unique and innovative ways. Contact us to see how we can raise your engagement to action.