Performance Data

Boss Leads is not a data vendor; we are a data curator.

Premium Verified Performance Data creates massive results that can drive your business to a higher level.

We combine the three most powerful data influences; Intent, Permission and Verification, to create a simplified data access stream.

This will look different for each company. Our team works closely with you to collect what you want, curate it into what your customer is looking for, and create the right data for you.

Our process starts by collecting permission and intent. It ends with creating a premium verified data set. This creates a desired result for your business or campaign.

What’s in the Data Lakes?

Responsive Data

Measures intent. Responsiveness refers to customer engagement such as clicks, form fills, and calls.

Compliant Data

Ensures your data comes from opt-ins that are carefully used in the parameters set and regulated by the TCPA. This piece of Boss Leads’ data includes frequency and amount of consumer opt-ins.

Behavioral Data

An enhanced geo-behavioral blueprint, influenced by qualification and verification in the data industry’s top-leading model database lists. We use this proprietary, unique lens to look at data in a way it’s never been seen before.

Need better data to drive your machine learning and AI marketing efforts?

Contact us to learn about our Cryo File.

Boss Leads’ Cryo File is a comprehensive permission and intent perspective that allows your marketing to operate in a cookieless world. Cryo File offers a revolutionary data container designed to bolster instinctual and experiential human to human marketing.

Harness Cryo File and create monumental results from within.